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Owner Testimonials


"We traversed almost the full peninsula of Italy - Venezia, Padova, Firenza, Pisa, Sinalunga, Roma, Tropea before our final arrival at Villa Santoro. What a fantastic place to end our visit to Italy!! The villa is breathtaking, we enjoyed every minute. We only wished we had had more time here. We loved visiting the local towns, Cisternino, Martina Franca and Ostuni. The atmosphere, ambience and weather at Villa Santoro will never be forgotten by us."

Mark, Canada


"We’ve had a most wonderful time - the house is so beautiful and so comfortable - sad to have to leave what feels like home after only one week. The area, so different from the Italy I know, it really is so beautiful (we were here at just the right time for all the spring flowers) and fascinating. I’m sure it’ll be a source of inspiration for many more - as it was for my painting. It really captured my imagination."

Charlotte, UK


"As beautiful as the nearby towns are we found it difficult to tear ourselves away from the luxurious villa and pool with its views and breathtaking wild flowers and olive trees. We’ve loved every minute and are “trulli” grateful for such a memorable holiday."

Blossom, USA

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